“Success is the consequence of ambition and personal effort. You work for it, strive for it, insist upon it. Once you’ve achieved a state of mental stability, you must never become lax about maintaining it. Incorporate it relentlessly into your daily routine, put effort to sustain that success forever.” — Elizabeth Taylor (via ruedamour)

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. Wes Anderson)

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My fav promo pics for every episode [THE BORGIAS s1]:

1x01 - The Poisoned Chalice x 

"God will forgive us my son, but I will not forgive failure from you or your brother!"

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runningatadifferentspeed -> Could I please have a set of catherine parr from the tudors? I'm currently binge watching it and she's my new favourite. :) It's okay, take as long as you need. :)

Yes! I’ll try. ^^  And thank you.

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For Sibel Kekilli, the actress who plays Shae, the hardest part of the trial scene was actually when Shae named Sansa Stark as part of the fake plot as well. Kekilli argued with creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to take out that line, but they refused. “I had really big problems with that, with this line,” Kekilli said. “When I read that, I thought, ‘She can’t say that.’ I think Shae really loves her and she’s said, ‘I would kill for this girl.’ She’s saying one line, and I thought, ‘Ugh, can’t she just say Tyrion did that?’ Or something like that? It’s really hard, so I tried to understand why, of course, why she’s doing it. As I said, she just got wounded now, and is just boxing around.” (x)

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runningatadifferentspeed -> oops I forgot sorry! I'm going to guess cesare/lucrezia from borgia?? :)

Don’t apologize, I wanted to make a precise and bad person! :P
Yes, from the series! ^^ But I ship them - even if it is historically verified XD - in historical reality. Lol, I’m so crazy.
However, would you like a set of some fandom in particular or can I choose freely? Oh. I warn you, however: I’m very slow. :( But  you’ll have this set! I promise!

My 10 OTPs, not in order:

- Cesare and Lucrezia [runningatadifferentspeed]


Correctly guess one of ten of my OTPs and i’ll make you a gifset based on your blog :)

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If you don’t cry over a tv show then you’re not a tru fan

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x loool x me x life

watashisan -> Can I ask you to do Sailor Moon?

Of course! :*

  • my favorite female character: Oh, shit. This is very hard. The series is FULL of - great - female character. So, I’ll choose not my fav female character but my fav Sailor: Saturn - aka Hotaru Tomoe.
  • my favorite male character: Lol, here is the inverse problem. I’m not a particular fan of Mamoru. In compensation I’m sure that in the past some minor male characters - villains, I’m sure - has caught my interest. XD But now I can’t remember even one of them! XD I’m so sorry. ._.
  • my favorite book/season/etc: I think my fav are the third and fourth seasons. The last is that I liked more less. 
  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show): I love so much final episodes of each season! They’re so epic and tragic, lol.
  • my favorite cast member: //
  • my favorite ship: Rei and Minako - I mean in the manga, where they seem to have an intrigue, lol -; Michiru and Setsuna; Chibiusa and Hotaru; Artemis and Luna; Serenity [principess] and Endymion; Chibiusa and Pegasus; Dark Lady and Tuxedo Kamen [Mamoru]! X°D
  • a character I’d die defending: Nobody needs my help, lol. There’s Sailor Moon for that. XD
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with: Really, I don’t know.
  • a character I grew to love: Hotaru Tomoe.
  • my anti otp: Rei and Mamoru, for example.
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runningatadifferentspeed -> cesare/lucrezia?

Yes! But … historical characters or from a particular fandom? :P It’s different.

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